With over 15 years of experience and nearly 170 organized events, the Tacoma City Marathon International Association also presented the public with a massive event called the Defiance marathon. It was immediately liked by the participants of existing marathons and very quickly began to gain popularity. But why did the run become so famous and so popular with runners? Today we offer you to understand this issue.

The Defiance marathon is an incredible event in itself

The Defiance marathon from the very beginning seemed to be something very special for both the organizers of the event and for its participants. Runners were treated to over 700 acres of incredible natural beauty, spectacular ancient forests of cedar and spruce, and breathtaking views of Puget Sound. All this is available for marathon participants and, moreover, these beauties can be seen even more than once. The association claims that the dates for the event are chosen specifically to ensure that all trails and running tracks are in proper condition and ready for full use. That is why the run is usually held in the middle of autumn. And now, in 2022, it has been announced that this year’s race is scheduled for October 15th. In addition, in early April, registration for this event would be open, available to everyone who wants to take part. So it is already quite possible to start preparing and training in order to be in excellent physical shape by mid-autumn.

Features of registration for the marathon The Defiance

To participate in the marathon, you must fill out the registration form in advance. Registration itself opens on April 6 in the morning. The organizers also offer an excellent opportunity for early registration, for which they promise each runner an individual bib with a name and number. lucky roulette

We also want to note that participation in the run is not free. Although The Defiance is not a commercial event, all the funds raised usually go to restore the tracks and improve the park area in the race area. The price of participation depends on the date of registration for the marathon. For example, the first two days, that is, April 6 and 7, there is a special hot offer for those who wish – $ 75 for participation. Further, the price rises in an arithmetic progression. The organizing association has provided a separate registration price calendar, which shows the periods and prices for participation. The highest fee reaches $100. The money paid for participation also includes the issuance of a branded marathon T-shirt to the runners.

In 2022, all registration takes place online, and it would last until October 13 inclusive. That is, it will close the day before the start of the event. The organizers also took care of those who did not have time to take the necessary actions, and made the possibility of late registration, which would be available for several hours on the day the event starts.

Why is the marathon called The Defiance 50k/30k/15k?

The answer to this question also answers the question of why The Defiance marathon is so unique and so loved by its participants? We have already said that the running track runs through the nature of incredible beauty. And they even specified that runners can enjoy this beauty more than once. This phrase is the answer to our question. The race track has a little more than 16 kilometers. Accordingly, The Defiance 15k run implies the passage of this road once. Accordingly, 30k is the opportunity to run the distance twice and get double the enjoyment of the environment, and 50k is the race, which is equal to three distances of the track, and the participants will have the opportunity to triple their pleasure. It was this approach to the sporting event that made The Defiance unique for runners, both beginners and professionals.

Support for marathon participants from the organizers

The association is very concerned that everything goes smoothly and everyone is satisfied. For the participants of their events, the organizers have prepared special conditions and support throughout the race so that they feel comfortable and safe. Thus, the Association provides participants with three types of services, which we would now discuss.

Start Check – This check includes an inspection of the runner’s personal equipment. Everyone is provided with a special bag in which they need to put their belongings and give them to the volunteers of the event for verification. These things can be left in the lockers so that nothing interferes with you during the race. It is not recommended to leave valuables, as no one is responsible for them. Your start number is glued to the bag, by which it is easy to identify the participant’s belongings.

Support throughout the race – on the track, in addition to the start and finish, there are special points where help from volunteers and organizers may be available for each runner. At such points there will be doctors who are ready to help at any time, as well as various medicines, in case of emergencies. Also, a large number of stationary latrines and water supply stations may be available on the territory of the run.

Time limit check – for the entire marathon, the time limit is 8 hours. Volunteers may closely monitor how everyone fits in on time and remind participants of the remaining time.
Support at the finish line – after passing the entire run, or one of its parts, at the finish point, each of the participants will be offered food and defiance sports drinks that may help to recover and gain strength before a new race, or after heavy physical exertion in general.

No wonder The Defiance marathon won hearts

We are sure that after all the information received, you have no doubts that the Defiance marathon really deserves attention. If you have not yet decided to participate in this kind of event, this is a sign for you that it is time. You will definitely get your dose of pleasure.