Defiance maps and courses take runners through landscape views to the finish line

Defiance races is a special event for runners that provides runners with incredible landscape views of Point Defiance with evergreen dense forests and Puget Sound almost from a bird’s eye view. Naturally, the participants would be quite interested in learning key information about maps and roads.

​​Why is the Defiance 50k marathon in such demand?

To begin with, the 50k marathon was originally organized by the Tacoma City Marathon Association, which has been operating since 2006. During all this time, almost 16 years, the Association can boast of having more than 170 organized races in its arsenal. Its main goal is to promote high-level running events to the masses and motivate both amateur runners and those who aspire to a professional career. It is for this reason that the Association decided to organize the 50k marathon, which won the hearts of the participants from the very first season. The beauty of Point, where a sporting event takes place, cannot leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, every season there are more and more participants in the race, and its popularity is rapidly gaining momentum. People like the idea of combining business with pleasure – to enjoy the scenic nature and at the same time test your strength against other runners.

Features of the Defiance 50k map marathon

Of course, we cannot claim that the running field is the largest or the widest in the history of all marathons, but what we can promise you is breathtaking views that cannot be found anywhere else. The 50k map stretches for nearly 17km (16.6km to be exact) and takes on a loop-like shape that runs along and through old evergreen forests. The track itself is usually dry during the sporting event. The organizers themselves claim that in 97% of cases the entire route is absolutely passable and feasible even for amateur runners, but this does not mean that you do not need to prepare for the marathon. By right, we can say that the territory of Point Defiance is one of the twenty best parks in the United States. Can you imagine how beautiful it is there? It’s time not to imagine, but to check.

Runners are given a variety of Defiance 50k/30k/15k

As we have already said, the race track has almost 17 kilometers of incredible natural landscapes. The organizers offer participants three alternatives – 50k, 30k and 15k. What does each option mean? Everything is very simple. The running map is the same everywhere. However, those runners who decide in favor of participating in the 50k will have a great opportunity to complete this course as many as three times, and those who will participate in the Defiance 30k will do it twice. Accordingly, route 15k implies a one-time run of the card. During the passage of the marathon map, participants will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the territory of one of the best parks in the United States, see the incredible age of green cedars and spruces, try out the ancient paths of the park and contemplate the landscapes of Puget Sound with their own eyes.

The long-awaited event of the Defiance races in 2022

In 2022, the Defiance 50k/30k/15k marathon will take place in mid-October, when the course is reported to be very dry and run-able. Registration for participants will be open at the beginning of April. However, it is worth remembering that participation in the event is not free. There is an entry fee to register, but all proceeds from the event go toward beautifying the Puget Sound grounds and further improving the tracks for runners in the coming seasons.