The main training tips of the Defiance 50k running marathon revealed

The organizers of the Defiance running marathon are always very concerned about the physical and moral health of the race participants. To fully enjoy the event and maintain good physical shape, you need to know the basics of proper preparation and training for marathons of this level. This is especially true for the 50 km marathon. Thus, the Organizing Association shared with the runners the main points that should be considered when preparing for participation in the Defiance 50k marathon.

Use the right workout running equipment

The right approach to any business does half the work for you. The same thing happens with marathon training. The initial advice from the organizers of Defiance is that every runner needs to get quality and comfortable sportswear and a pair of running shoes. The choice is advised to make in favor of artificial fabrics, as they repel moisture. It is the same with socks – artificial fabrics prevent the appearance of corns during long running workouts. Pay special attention to the period of the year in which you need to run, and also build on this when choosing sports equipment.

Women need to remember to wear the right sports underwear, which can help prevent quick sagging of the skin in certain areas of the body due to marathon running exercises. It is also a good idea to use compression socks, which during a marathon stimulate blood circulation in the legs and help muscles recover faster. Remember that sportswear should be like a second skin to you, and then you would definitely be able to enjoy the Defiance.

Watch your diet strictly before a marathon

Healthy food and a well-chosen diet is very important for athletes, not only to maintain good physical shape, but also to achieve the maximum output and performance of their own body. Healthy food and drinks build your mindset. The Defiance 50k even opened a special sports drink chain where you can buy drinks with carefully selected chemical elements necessary for the full functioning of the body.

As for food, the Defiance 50k marathon organizers also took care of practical advice for the participants. While preparing for the races, it is worth consuming lean protein, plenty of vegetables and fruits and carbohydrates, which all together will allow the body to receive the necessary strength and energy for running. Do not forget that for the period of rigorous training, you should forget about harmful foods and try to eliminate them altogether from the diet – this applies to soda, chips and other harmful and complex carbohydrates.
Breakfast should be your main meal – and then your body will thank you and you can feel a surge of energy right at the right time of the marathon.

Try to avoid injury ahead of an important event

It is generally not advised to receive injuries, since after this you would have a long recovery period. But while preparing for a marathon, try to avoid even the slightest opportunity to get the most minimal injury. After all, no one knows how this damage can turn out for the participant right during the passage of The Defiance 50k distance. Handle hard and dangerous surfaces with care – don’t run on concrete, opt for soft surfaces and nature trails. The organizers of The Defiance 50k advise you not to overload your muscles, because they are your main tool that you would definitely need throughout the race. To this end, you need to find a surface that, according to the laws of physics, would absorb all dangerous impacts into itself, and not transmit impulses to your legs. Thus, you will secure your muscles well and would be able to exercise calmly. And if you suddenly get injured, try to strictly follow the instructions of your doctor and then very soon you will return to your usual rhythm.